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The Project

Provide Gear + Training to a Burgeoning Local Economy



What if a pair of skis could help a family in Kyrgyzstan put food on the table?

The Film

Raise Awareness

+ Inspire Change



Despite a near-death experience that put filming on hold for four years...

The Team

Adventurers + Athletes Who Want to Make a Difference



We believe sports-related tourism can have a positive impact on struggling economies

Provide Gear + Training to a Burgeoning Local Economy

In the remote village of Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan, where some of the world’s best backcountry skiing can be found, the local people don’t have access to skis … they’re either impossible to find or incredibly expensive.


For the past six years, Hayat Tarikov, an expert in community-based tourism, has been working with the people of Arslanbob to establish a sustainable, locally-run winter tourism industry.


His efforts are dramatically changing the lives of Kyrgyz children by offering them the skills and opportunity to become backcountry ski guides.


As Hayat says, “Kids have no fear. They can ski better than adults. If we teach them at a young age, they will be future guides of Kyrgyzstan!”


That’s why, as part of this project, we are focusing specifically on providing gear for children.

Thanks to the recent support of major snow gear manufacturers, much of the equipment the children need has been donated.


In addition, in 2016, a dedicated team of adventurers and athletes will be spending the entire month of February in Arslanbob to join Hayat and provide much-needed training to the local kids and adults.


There’s just one more hurdle left: We need help covering the costs of transporting the gear to Kyrgyzstan from the U.S.


A donation from YOU will make this possible.

Help send skis to kids in Kyrgyzstan!


The Film

Raise Awareness + Inspire Change

Nayla Tawa first went to Kyrgyzstan to capture the inspiring story of Hayat Tarikov and his efforts to create a sustainable ski industry in his remote village.


But fate played a hand and added a dramatic twist to the story.


In 2012, three days after landing in Kyrgyzstan, Nayla and two members of her crew were in a horrifying car accident followed by an even more horrifying rescue experience.


With no hygiene and no running water, the local “hospital” was completely ill-equipped for serious patient care. Nayla spent two days duct-taped to a snowboard before she and her crew were finally evacuated.


And just like that, the film project ended before it began.

After more than two years of recovery, filled with surgeries, physical therapy and emotional healing, Nayla is ready to Return to Kyrgyzstan.


Why? It’s pretty simple actually.


Since the accident, Hayat and Nayla have stayed in touch. She has cheered him on as his dream of winter ski tourism in Kyrgyzstan has slowly become a reality. And he has cheered her on during her long road to recovery.


They have both always known that one day they would finally meet and tell this story.


“One day” is finally here.

"I was not supposed to be in this film, but as I have learned, life does not always happen

the way you

intend it to."

We cannot fulfill this project without your help!


All donations will go toward film production costs, and transporting children’s ski equipment from the United States to Kyrgyzstan.


Thank you for joining Our Team!



We have teamed up with



to accept donations.


All Donations are Tax Deductible.

Adventurers + Athletes Who Want to Make a Difference

We are group of snow sports enthusiasts who have recognized how adventure tourism can have a positive impact on struggling local communities.

Nayla Tawa, Producer/Director

Lexi Dupont, Professional Freeskier

Charles Tawa, Medical Trainer

Donny Roth, Backcountry Guide

Jon Mancuso, Cinematographer

Jerod Anklam, Photographer

Hayat Tarikov, Local Expert


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More to come ;)

The Team